Wiring Explinations

Here you will find explanations of the custom wiring schemes we use. Unless listed here models are wired with standard vintage wiring specs. Click on the links below for specific models' wiring information:


S-Model Wiring

All our S-Model guitars are wired with the neck and middle pickups using tone control knob 1, and bridge pickup using tone control knob 2.

E-Model Wiring
Our E-Model guitars have a specially designed wiring that implements the following tone characteristics based on switch postition:

Neck – Pickup through special capacitor for Midrange Honk
Middle – Bypassing both Volume and Tone Circuits (Straightpipe)
Bridge – Normal Volume and Tone Circuits*

*If using a Duncan Stack, we add the Pull Boost feature.

JM-Model Wiring

Our JM-Model wiring is similar to the wiring of an original Jazzmaster, but with two Volume and Tone Circuits, controlled by the upper bout switch. The Pickup selector works in both positions. This makes the guitar work in a much more user friendly way.