Our guitar bodies are made of Alder, or Swamp Ash. The bodies go through triage before production, to keep within our weight and resonance specs. Ugly, or clunky wood is rejected. Mahogany is used on 69 thinlines if ordered as such.

Necks are of one piece Maple, or Maple with Rosewood fingerboard construction. Fingerboards are a 10 radius and frets are a Dunlop 6105. Guitar nut width is 1 5/8. Bass nuts are 1 5/8 on P and 1 on J. Neck shapes are Medium C, with an average of .83 depth at 1st fret and .95 depth at 12th fret, and Boatneck (big with a slight V), with an average of .97 at first fret and 1.00 at 12th. Vintage single action truss rods with heel adjust. Birdseye is available for an additional charge. Nuts are Tusq.

All finish is Nitrocellulose Lacquer. No plastics, polys or other materials are used. This applies to the grain filling, undercoating and other prep coats. 

Colors include: Two Tone, Three Tone, Amber Clear, Black, Burgundy Mist, Butterscotch Blonde, Candy Apple Red, Charcoal Frost Metallic, Cream, Daphne Blue, Dakota Red, Desert Sand, Fiesta Red, Ice Blue Metallic, Inca Silver, Lake Placid Blue, Mary Kay White, Natural Clear, Olympic White, Sonic Blue, Seafoam Green, Sherwood Green Metallic, Shoreline Gold, Shell Pink, Ocean Turquoise Metallic, Teal Green Metallic and Vintage White, Clear Orange, Dark Salmon.

Standard aging levels are light, medium and heavy. Extra-heavy aging is available for additional charge. We do not make new looking guitars.

Hardware is generally Gotoh vintage style.  T bridges use compensated saddles for better intonation.

Pickups available are Lollar, Fralin, DiMarzio and Duncan. CTS pots, CRL switches, Switchcraft jacks and Sprague Orange-drop caps are standard.

Cases are included and are generally the rectangular ABS type in black with a small Nashguitars badge; however, due to production schedules, container ship delays and other factors beyond our control, we will substitute other case types if needed.

Bigsby tremolo available on some T-Models at an additional charge.

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