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Can I buy direct?
No, we only sell through dealers. Click here find the dealer nearest you.


I bought a used Nashguitar, how can I verify the authenticity


I have a defect/warranty issue with my Nash, what do I do?
The dealer you purchased it from is your first contact, if they cannot address the issue to your satisfaction, please email us. We want you to be 100% satisfied.


Can I send you my guitar to you to be aged?
Other than a limited number of our dealers Gibsons per month, we do not age anything except our own product.


Can I buy just a neck, body or some other aged part?
Sorry, we do not sell anything other than full builds through dealers.


Can I get a guitar that is not aged?
Sorry, we only build aged instruments.


Can I order a Nashguitar with some special order part, pickup, spec or something not offered in the choices?
We offer a myriad of choices of colors, necks, pickups, aging levels, pickguards in our specs. Nothing additional can be ordered.


Can I come for a factory tour?
Sorry we are not open to the public.