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The Wayfarer is the newest addition to the Nashguitars family. It was inspired by the symmetrical lines and distinct colors of the automotive industry in the late 50's and early 60's, as well as the flexibility afforded by the three humbucker configuration. Though designed to be unique in appearance, the Wayfarer maintains the aesthetic feel and playability Nashguitars is known for.

This build features a semi-hollow alder body, providing significant weight relief, as well as the ability to offer two different pickguard treatments. The "closed" pick guard gives a clean solid-body look, while the "open" pickguard provides a thinline appearance.

Most semi-hollow guitars are constructed with a laminated top that not only impacts the tone but diffuses sustain, and pulls energy away from the center mass of the instrument. By using our unique pickguard treatments you get the advantages of the semi-hollow body while maintaining the tone and sustain of a solid body.

The Wayfarer is not only straightforward but is extremely versatile as well. We have paired the three humbuckers with a push/pull coil tap tone knob and a five way selector switch. This guitar features DiMarzio Bluesbuckers in the neck and middle positions, and an Air Norton in the bridge. Unlike most humbuckers, the Bluesbucker is the only pickup we have come across that has a genuine single coil sound when tapped. In single coil mode this guitar has the sound you would expect from our S-Models, including the 2 and 4 position "quack". In humbucking mode you get everything you'd want from true humbucking guitar. Additionally, there's no sacrifice in sustain because these pickups have extremely low string pull while still offering high output.



  - Alder body

- All solid colors available

- C profile, 12" radius neck with rosewood fretboard and headstock access truss rod

- DiMarzio Air Norton in bridge position

- Bluesbuckers in the neck and middle positions

- Two piece pickguard in 3-ply white, mint, tortoise, or pearl

- Pickguards are available "closed" or "open"

- S-Model 6 saddle string-through-body bridge

- 5 way CRL switch, 500k volume and 250k tone potentiometers, and a sprague orange drop capacitor

- Push/pull tone knob provides a coil tap feature for the neck and middle pickups

Black // Pearl // Open

Surf // Mint // Open

Olympic White // Tort //Open

Sonic Blue // White // Open

Lake Placid Blue // Pearl // Open

Olympic White // Mint // Closed

Sonic Blue // White // Closed

Lake Placid Blue // White // Closed

Black // Tort // Closed

Olympic White // Tort // Closed